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Hi folks,

Since i'm mainly focusing on uploading my collection to my new "Car Collection" page, i don't have much time to do big posts with a lot of research and stuff. Instead, i thought i could make a few posts on what's new in my collection, and you'll be able to find them with a blue writing in my Car Collection page. I plan to do these updates regularly (it means that i have to buy diecasts regularly :D)

'35 Classic Caddy

As its name tells, this diecast is clearly a classic. Introduced in 1982 by Hot Wheels, it has been used numerous times over years, and is still in the 2011 lineup. It can be identified as a reproduction of the Cadillac 370-D V-12 Fleetwood Town Cabriolet (can be seen on the pic at the right). Hot Wheels's one is a nice replica, lot of details included, such as the wheels in fenders. The one i got is slightly used, but still really presentable. Unfortunately, you can see bad paint quality on the hood, with a lot of orange peel. The edition i got is 1989's blue with white walls, a quite common one. Still, i didn't have one, and it came in a junk box i got for 1$, so it is welcome :)

Chrysler Firepower

We're coming on a much more modern era, with this awesome concept by Chrysler, introduced in 2006's Hot Wheels regular line. It is a casting that has not been used often, with its presence in 2006, 2008 and in one of the 2011's 20-pack. I like this kind of concept, pretty realistic lines. The Hot Wheels one is "not bad", pretty realistic lines, but missing tampos in front. Even more, the windows are quite strange, and doesn't fit the car so well. But this 2006 edition is welcomed in my collection, and is quite rare. The front tampos would have been a huuugee benefit to this casting though.

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

I have quite the collection of Camaros... but not so much in convertibles, especially in modern ones. So this one was a nice add, and a nice completion to my collection of this legendary American car. Also known as '95 Camaro, or '95 Camaro Convertible, this casting is a replica of the fourth generation of the american car, without the facelift (that happened in 1998). It was quite a monster and real life, way too big and not too much powerful like it used to be in '60s-'70s (this is why it disappeared in 2002). This Hot Wheels casting appeared in the main line in 1995 in a simple aqua color, and is still used in the 10-packs. I'm really fortunate to have found the special 1997 "30th Anniversary of Camaro Collectible Line" one, with its special color. It's an awesomely done casting, with tampos all around, even mirrors! Wheels are somewhat strange, but Hot Wheels are pretty much spot on with wheels.

'73 Caprice Wagon

Of course, we keep the best for the end! I already had a Caprice Wagon, but it was a highly tuned version, and even if i like this casting, i thought it didn't represent the car so well. But with the availability of the Release 18 by Johnny Lightning in my area, i had the chance to put my hand on the Police version, that is a stunner. Now this is a perfect diecast! Take a look at those details : the wonderful paint, that reminds me from the Dodge Monaco, the highly detailed lightbar, tampos, great wheels... it's a nice add in any collection. Originally released in 2007 in the tuned version (that you can find in my Car Collection page), it has been declined in regular, derby and now police. Trust me, you need this car! *Unfortunately i didn't found any pic of the police version.

I hope you liked this post, and feedback is appreciated! :)

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