New additions : 14 january 2011

Here's my january edition of new additions! Lots of new Hot Wheels, and a few others that were missing for a long time. I want to thanks folks from MCCH who helped me to find these cars!

Maisto Dodge Ram 1500

Quite a great casting for a Maisto! Nice wheels, great tampos and a cool color. Only actual 1:64 latest Dodge Ram. 

Maisto Scion xB

Again, an awesome new casting from Maisto. This one is missing a few tampos on the front, and wheels could be a little better. As every Maisto, windows are badly black. But it's the only 1:64 new Scion xB replica, and quite rare :)

Matchbox LesneyRover 3500

A long long time wanted that i finally found at a reasonable price on eBay. This casting has only been produced once in this cooper color (a few can be found in yellow, but they're sold around 350$ each), and is quite elusive. Even more, having one near mint is even more harder to get. With a working sunroof, it's definitly one of my favorite casting, of a quite rare england car. I'm a huge fan of these old 70's-80's sedans!

Matchbox Nissan Fairlady Z

Casting coming from 1979, this one is for filling a hole in my collection. I already had the 300ZX of the same years (Kidco), but didn't have the japanese version. As a old Matchbox, it is an awesomely done casting, with opening doors. Those wheels are quite strange for a Matchbox though, they are really small.

Johnny Lightning Plymouth Fury '67

A high wanted one, already got the Police version a few weeks ago. This is one of the longuest 1:64 i've seen! As every JL, it is very high detailed, with tampos and opening hood. Those wheels are new (or rarely used). The driving wheel is huge! Color fits really well for the car.

Corgi Junior Citroen Dyane

The Dyane always intrigued me.Kind of a rip-off of a 2CV.... This one is also a quite rare casting, one of the older Corgi(s). Pretty much well done but lacking a bit of details, such as lights or black bumpers? It is a big too big for a 1:64 though, as it is the small size of the Ram 1500.

Hot Wheels Dodge Charger R/T 2011

First of a few HW castings i was missing.Clearly not one of the best of 2011s, but still not bat. Problem is, it doesn't look like so much the real car... And tampos are in the wrong place. I mean, those black stripes are cool, but where are the lights? Front calander is awesome though.

Hot Wheels Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca

Awesome casting of an awesome car. Definitly my style. This black & red combination makes it look a bit evil, and the front bumper is indicating some racing in the air. Red wheels makes it look agressive. Tampos would have been welcomed though... but it's definitly a needed one.

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Now this is clearly one of the best looking cars of 2011. Style was already announced with the Reventon and the last editions of the Murcielago, but this one is stunning. Lines are so much agressive but well-balanced, and the orange color looks like it's burning hot. Hot Wheels reproduced it very well, and is clearly one of the best add in this batch. YOU NEED IT!

Hot Wheels BMW M3 GT2

This new casting of 2012 is the racing version of the M3 introduced in 2011. It's a neat reproduction of those LM racing cars. Racing tampos are greatly applied, but a few lights could have been added (although racing cars don't always have these). The rear wing is somewhat cheap and plastic, but was needed. A great new casting for 2012 overall.

Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The new Camaro ZL1 is a stunning car, looking soooo powerful. With this huge bumper, agressive hood, hidden headlights and red/black paint, it's ready to burn down some rubber. Problem with the HW casting is its cheapiness... it looks like fragile! Rear tampos could have been added too. Still a neat addition to my Camaro collection.

Hot Wheels Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is one of the strangest looking car released in 2011. The "chase break" style has already been used a few times in the history (Volvo P1800es), but it's the first time that it's applied to a Ferrari. The result is... quite good, but still strange. The front calander is also quite strange, looking "vulgar" for a Ferrari. But although i'm not sure about the real car, the diecast replica is admirably well done by HW, and is needed in any collection!

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Sunagon

Released in 2011 as a re-tool in the "Hot Ones" serie, the Sunagon has been one of the most elusive Hot Wheels in the market. The original ones (from the beginning of the 80's) are sometimes the most expensive Hot Wheels regulars you can find. This new edition offers brighter colors than the original one (that was brown). This is a great classy HW, with the opening roof and motorcycle at the back. A casting that i needed for a long long time.

Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Race Car

Finally, this is one of the first Hot Wheels introduced in 2012. Aussies are quite happy with this one, although it isn't a great casting. Looks plastic, the interior is quite horrible (what's with that big plastic rollcage?). The design tampos are not bad, but are missing on lights. I'm not sold on this one, but australian cars are rare, so it's welcomed in my collection.

Which one is your favorite? Thanks for looking! :)


  1. great update on your latest collection!
    my personal fav is the classic fairlady!
    great that you can still find them

    still hunting for the adventador
    a really hot casting..wont last for few seconds in shops lol

  2. Thanks! I bought the Aventador from internet, someone i know in the USA.

  3. Nice Facebook side Keep it up.