[German Classics] Squareback & Notchback

Between all those mythical Volkswagen of the '60s, between the Beetle, the T2 Bus or the Thing, one is often forgotten : the Volkswagen 1500 (also called 1600). Introduced in 1961 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was available in a two-door hatchback, fastback and also station wagon (called the Squareback). Just as every VW of those years, they all got a rear-mounted engine air-cooled combined with a rear wheel-drive layout. Mostly known in Europe, a few have been imported in America from 1966. Its career lasted until 1973, and 2.5 billions units have been produced. The 1500 is also widely liked for its tuning possibility, often  saw with matte paint. It has been replaced by the well-known Passat. With this beautiful autumn day, i took a few of my 1500's diecasts for a shoot.

A typical VW 1500.

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Squareback '69

Firstly called "Volkswagen Variant", this casting appeared in 2010 in the Slick Rides special series as black and silver with a KONI decal on the side. In 2011, it was now called Squareback, and appeared in the HW Garage series. We only saw it one time in 2012, decorated with some "Jolly Rancher" decals. Being a high-end HW, it surely has great details, starting from those slick wheels. Mine's the 2010 second edition, still KONI branded. You can admire lots of details on the body, except on the rear where's less attention has been given. Still a great casting, the tuning really gives it a sleeper look. You can feel the quality of this one when you handle it... definitly a favorite.

Maisto Volkswagen 1500 '67

On a tuning note again, let's take a look at the 1500 replica done by Maisto. Released in the 2006 "G-Riderz" serie, it's once again a high-end diecast (well according to Maisto usual standards at least). You can note lots of details on this again, starting will all those painted parts, from lights to wipers. Wheels are quite lovely and really detailed. You can feel this "European Tuner" look, with dropped suspensions and this light purple color. Interior is really detailed also, and the rear bonnet can be opened, revealing a chromed engine. This one has also been released in a flashy green and black-red bicolor. Definitly a great one, if you like that style of cars.

Let's finish with a few automnal group shots!

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