[Shooting] Matchbox Buick Century '56

Definitly one of the best new 2012 castings, this Century deserved its own shooting. I had some luck and grabbed a way better camera, giving way more interesting pictures.

 Despite a disappointing 2012 lineup, Matchbox made a few good castings this year. Beside the '52 Seagrave, the Century might deserve a shot at "Best New Casting Of The Year". Coming from the 1950's serie called Highway Patrol, all the details are perfectly reproduced, except for the three sidevents that are a tad too big. Light tampos could have been great, but the overall is of a rare awesomeness. Definitly a casting to watch and watch again. Let the pictures speak by themselves.


  1. This is one of the prettiest die cast toy cars in the 1:64 range I've ever seen. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of my son's Matchbox Buick in my article called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette die casts because we've both played so much with it that the color has faded off practically. Even the hubcaps are now completely black!

    Really love your photos, good work!