Black sedans, part 2

Well after the Marauder, i decided to continue in the same way by presenting sporty American sedan cars. Issued by Greenlight in the County Roads serie in 2010, the next subject will be the Ford Taurus SHO. The Taurus is a well-known car, even by us Canadians. But how many people knows about the SHO?

When the model was unveiled at Detroit in 2010.

The Taurus has originally been released in december 1985 to replace the good old LTD. It was a revolution for Ford, especially with the modern style the car introduced. Since then, the SHO was offered as the sporty version of the car. The original one had a Yamaha engine of 220 horsepower.
Even though the Taurus disappeared between 2004 and 2007 (Ford tried to replace it by the 500, but this car has been a miserable failure and Ford was forced to reintroduce a new Taurus), the name SHO didn't disappeared in the new generation.

The Greenlight one. What a wonderful diecast!

Unveiled in 2010, the new SHO is way more powerful than the original one, thanks to his 365 hp V6 engine. In fact, this car was designed to be introduced as the new Ford Police Interceptor, by replacing the aging Crown Victoria. Matchbox is supposed to introduce the SHO Police Interceptor as a 1:64 diecast later this year.

As said, Greenlight issued this one is the limited serie County Road. This diecast is very elusive and hard to find. I pre-bought it on Ebay, and had a chance to grab one directly when it went out. There's a lot of details, i must say it's an awesome casting. The interior is especially well-made, as well as the wheels. The only thing missing are the side mirrors, and with that it would have been perfect.

Enjoy the pics! Next article will be about the third American black car.... you guess :)

To finish, how about a few comparaison pics?

I personally prefer the SHO's style, but hey, that Marauder is still awesome.

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