Black sedans, part 3

For the third part, i'll introduce you to the Impala SS by Chevrolet. Based on the GM B platform, the 1994-introduced Impala SS was a sporty version of the big Chevrolet Caprice (who had the Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac Fleetwood as cousins). Surprisingly, the black SS is considered as one of the best cars GM ever made.
A classy look for a sporty car.

Using a few of the Police Package option (like the exhaust system, the large-diameter brakes or the sport suspension), the Impala SS was, with a relatively sleeper look, a monster of performance. Visually, only the black color and the rims were indicating that you were in front of something different. But as soon as you put up the hood, you can see what's going on. A LT1 GM V8 engine (same engine as the Corvette of those years, but with less horsepower) was delivering 260 hp for 330 pounds of torque.

In 1994, year of introduction, only the black color was offered. Then, in 1995, they introduced Dark Cherry Metallic and Dark Grey Green Metallic as well. 1996 was the last year of production, for a total of about 70000 cars produced. The Johnny Lightning's one is using the same frame as the Caprice, so the front isn't so much accurate (the calander is the Caprice's one). Originally issued in Black and Dark Cherry in the Classic Gold series, the casting has been re-issued in the Modern Muscle serie in 2007.

The one i own is the Dark Red Modern Muscle one. A lot of details are present, but only problem is the scale of the car... as you can see with the group pics, the car is way too small. Actually, this is often the problem with JL castings... because that Impala SS, in real, is huge.

Enjoy the pics, and don't be afraid to comment! :)

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