A few details can make everything...

Everybody know what's a Mercury Grand Marquis. You know, that gooood ol' big american car, that you grandfather usually drives? Even though Mercurys almost've been Ford copies with a bit more style, that one i will talk about is interesting.

The real deal.

Marauder has been a name used by Mercury three times in the history, but let's talk about the most recent one. In 2000's, Mercury was about to disappear, and Ford decided to make an ultimate effort to sell Mercury cars by proposing a few limited models. Here comes the Marauder, introduced in 2003. This pimped up Grand Marquis was only available in black livery, and had a 302 hp V8 under the hood. With sporty rims, a special dual-exhaust system, this was a real sleeper. Ford only produced Marauders for 2 years, with a total production of abot 11000 units.

Let's talk about the diecast. Greenlight introduced the Marauder in its Black Bandit line, a line of only black cars and limited production. Only 3500 models were produced, and i was very lucky to found one in perfect condition last year (only problem is that the spoiler is moving a bit). I payed it about 10 dollars, but now they can reach up to 40$ on Ebay... That's one great piece with opening hood and rubber tires!

Enjoy the pics :)

Black background fits well, it makes it looking like a killer! Notice how the Greenlight version is two-tone.

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